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Social Life boosted by your Immune System?!

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Could your social life be hindered because of a damaged immune system?

New science shows that your immune system and its level of function could be killing your social life!
Some really smart people over at the schools of medicine at the University of Virginia and the University of Massachusetts recently discovered that if your immune system has been compromised you may not want to be social. Makes sense doesn’t it. Check out this video real quick.

You may always here me say that your health is not about how you feel, but about how you function. If your body isn’t functioning optimally, you are more than likely going to not want to be around people.
So what can you do to boost your social life?
Get adjusted!
Yes! Chiropractic boosts your immune system! Chiropractic care has been shown to boost certain immune functions and white blood cell counts by more than 200% compared to those who haven’t had chiropractic care and 400% more than people who have cancer or a serious disease.
I know, it’s wild.
Aside from getting a regular adjustment, you want to make sure that you are not doing anything to tear down your immunity.
Do all of the obvious things like getting the right amount of sleep, drink copious amounts of water, get some good movement in and don’t eat candy all day to name a few.
Some other great weapons to have in your immune boosting arsenal would obviously be the staple regimen of Vitamin D3 and your Omega 3 supplement.
These are just two of the top immune boosting supplements that everyone should be taking on a regular basis. I take them every day. I’ll talk more about why in another post in the future.
As always, if you are looking to radically change your health then check us out at Maximized Living Chiropractic Plus or call us at 281-345-8800
Keep getting adjusted, and I’ll see you all soon!
-Dr. Paul
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