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Maximized Mind

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Changing your vantage point will help you begin to see life more clearly and handle stress much differently than before.

Some of the Maximized Mind Tools:

Time Management – “Solid Yellow Boxes”: Each important area of your life deserves specified times in a given day or throughout the week so that they may thrive. Times for fitness, “Date times,” education, fun, and activities necessary to build your resources all need focused times written in solid yellow boxes if they’re going to succeed. If it’s not written down, it won’t happen consistently.

Discover Your Big Why: Discipline comes from knowing Why. If you have a BIG enough Why, you’re prepared to manage the how.

Goal setting: Creating goals that have integrity require deadlines, action steps, and accountability. A goal will determine how fast you run and whether or not you get to the finish line at all.

Self Talk: If another person talked to you the way you talk to yourself, would you still be their friend? Millions of thoughts go through your mind every hour. Are they positive or negative? Are they limiting or empowering? Change your self talk and you may very well change all that you are and are capable of accomplishing.

5 Steps to Discovering your Destiny:

Recognizing your value. Whether it seems like it or not, you DO matter.

Discovering your UTP: Unique Talent Proposition. Discover your natural talent. There’s something you’re better at than the next 10,000 people.

Find a higher purpose: The definition of a purpose is the object or reason for which you exist. A higher purpose is when that object or reason serves others and makes the world a better place.

Create a personal value system: Identify the core values of your purpose. Upholding your personal value system will cause you to manage your affairs with integrity.
Dismiss the results and the reactions. Do not allow mistakes, challenges, or setbacks to knock you off course – allow them to make you stronger, teach you, and even fuel the fire!

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