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Maximized Quality Nutrition

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Did you know that every cell in your body is made up of what you ingest?

The Second Essential of Maximized Living is all about maximizing your nerve supply so as to make your brain and spinal cord work and perform in unison and at optimal levels. Without the central nervous system, our body could not survive given its lack of “power supply”. So, what exactly can we do to make sure our body’s life supply is running on high? Maximize the quality of your nutrients!

The Third Essential of Maximized Living operates to efficiently run the numerous and intricate operating systems that comprise your complex body. Nutrition is the only way to offer fuel to the trillions of cells that control our heart beat, our oxygen intake, our digestive tract, and much more.

Most American’s run their bodies on convenient, processed, and chemical enriched foods. Due to the fast paced world we live in, most consumers believe it is easier to visit their local McDonalds or Burger King to partake in a greasy helping of chemicals and preservatives. Our bodies were not created to run off of French fries and Krispy Kreme donuts, and this new diet of convenience is posing a serious threat to healthy cell life!

It doesn’t stop there either. Essentially, we are what we ingest, and the sugary colas, coffee drinks, and artificial “juices” are just as bad as the newest, fatty burger creation from the fast food joint down the street. Dousing your organs and cells with these beverages is not allowing them to properly function and attain optimal operations. If a fish cannot survive in a bowl filled with those types of beverages, what makes you think your cells can?

Eliminating or reducing fatty processed foods and replacing them with whole foods rich in nutrients is one way to ensure cell performance and survival. Also, adding supplements to your diet will help to encourage healthy cell production, and maintain optimal body performance. Just think, your body is essentially a divine mix of chemical reactions. When you begin to dump foreign chemicals into your body, the results could be explosive. To maximize your potential, become educated on what you’re putting in your body!

Maximized Living Nutrition Plans

The Maximized Living Plans focus on the true principles of nutrition that have sustained human life for thousands of years. These principles can be seen today in cultures around the world that are free of the chronic conditions plaguing North Americans.

What Happened: The Standard North American Diet

The typical North American diet is not working, as seen by the skyrocketing statistics of heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and obesity. (It is these five chronic diseases that North Americans are most likely to die from.) To avoid becoming a statistic it is essential to avoid the 3 Dangers that compromise one’s health: Sugar, Damaged Fats and Toxins.

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