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Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle

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The best method for intake, usage and storage of oxygen is through movement and the best method for movement is exercise!

Oxygen is one of the most essential elements that you need to intake for survival. If you take in low levels of oxygen, you enable your body to accumulate toxins, develop disease and possibly cause early cell death! Are you starting to understand how all of these 5 Essentials work together?

Not only does exercise optimize your oxygen intake, it also helps your body to produce muscle. Many poor health conditions, symptoms, of illnesses and diseases are caused by a body with a low-muscle-to-high-fat ratio. A good way to measure your lean muscle density compared to your fat tissue is through a BMI analysis. While there is a minimum level of fat that each of us needs in order to stay healthy, the more muscle and the less extra fat that you have, the healthier you are.

Maximized Living Workout Plan: MAX T3

The Future of Fitness


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