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The 5 Biggest Health Myths Everyone Needs to Know

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The 5 Biggest Health Myths Everyone Needs to Know


The 5 Biggest Health Myths Everyone Needs to Know

There are many pervasive myths that have been misleading people in the natural health field for many years.  Some of these myths continue to be the mainstream thought even though science has clearly demonstrated that they are untrue.  Understanding these health myths and the real truth sets you free from a lifestyle of sickness and disease.

Myth:  Eating Fat Makes You Fat:

The truth is that diets high in omega 3 fatty acids and saturated fats are linked to lower rates of obesity and better overall health.  Man-made fats (trans-fats) and refined vegetable oils are inflammatory and disrupt metabolism.  Good fats help to build healthy cell membranes.  These membranes are able to utilize good hormonal communication signals to appropriately manage metabolism.

Diets rich in sugars, grains, hydrogenated oils and omega 6 fats inflame the body and damage the cell membranes.  This alters insulin and leptin signaling leading to insulin & leptin resistance, weight gain, diabetes, & chronic inflammation.  Diets rich in good fats (saturated and omega 3) anti-oxidants, electrolytes, & trace minerals de-inflame the body and allow for proper insulin/leptin signaling resulting in weight loss, stable energy & disease prevention.

Myth:  Saturated Fat & Cholesterol in the Diet are Bad For Your Heart:

The truth is that saturated fat & cholesterol are powerful nutrients that the body uses for hormone function, calcium metabolism and cellular structure.  They act as stabilizing units that protect the body from inflammatory damage.  The Massai & Rendille Tribes in Africa have some of the lowest rates of heart disease yet they consume a diet consisting of 65% saturated fat and loads of cholesterol through red meat & fermented grass-fed dairy products.    The Eskimos/Inuit consume a 75% saturated fat diet (whale blubber) yet have extremely low rates of heart disease.

Myth:  Lots of Exercise = Better: 

Most people believe that running long distances and lifting light weights for many repetitions is good.  Running 10K’s and marathons are healthy.  The truth is that long distance cardiovascular exercise increases cortisol secretions which inflame the body and damage joints & ligaments leading to injury/overtraining and possible weight gain.   High Intensity, short time period training (HIT) boosts growth hormone that allows the body to build muscle, burn fat and build a greater anti-oxidant reserve.  Train 4-5 days a week for 10-20 minutes each session at a very high intensity.

Myth:  I Feel Good so I must be Healthy

The truth is that every cell is hit by over 10,000 free radical interactions every second.  We never feel this.  The heart rebuilds all 60 billion cells every 7 months.  We never feel this.  Between 10,000 and 100,000 cancer cells are building in our body every day.  We never feel this.   60% of heart attack patients never thought they had a heart problem until they ended up in the emergency room.  Early Detection testing for cancer cannot find abnormal growths until they are nearly 4-10 billion cancer cells large…this is 7-15 of development.

Myth:  Health is my natural condition until I get sick, injured or have an emergency.

The truth is that health is a dynamic condition that you are either building or losing every moment.  You are either moving toward or away from 100% God-given maximal function with every decision and lifestyle choice you make.  The key to health is to continually think well, eat well, move well and take care of your spine and teeth with the help of a highly qualified chiropractor and holistic dentist.  Loving relationships, spiritual pursuits and a life of service keep you invigorated and on purpose to live your best life now.

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